You can easily upgrade your own roof verges, to give a very nice finish to your house and to and to improve the protection of the roof and loft space. New builds for example, have to comply with the new BS 5534 and it states that even if mortar is used, then the ridge and hip tiles must also be mechanically secured to the roof. On this basis it is now essential to protect your roof verges.


Over time your roof edges can be prone to gaps and show signs of ageing around the edges of tiled roofs. Our dry verge products are the perfect finishing touch. They block any unsightly gaps while providing roof edge protection. Completely weather proof, it requires no maintenance and is available in attractive colours to complement your roofline and roof tiles.


The latest revision of BS 5534 the Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling, published in August of 2014, it highlighted that mortar is an insufficient means of securing tiles to the roof. In particular this applies to the fixing of ridge and hip tiles- the verge.

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