Tarmac is a very durable long lasting product, when laid correctly it is aesthetically pleasing, it is no longer the budget option that it once. Due to the product being based on crude oil the price has been driven upwards continually over the last five years. People still see this as the traditional drive and an alternative to block or slab paving and is considered a very low maintainable product, many clients opt for a paving border to enhance the look. There are many different options available, such as featured paving circles or diamonds, this is down to preference and personal taste. You can have a rumble strip at the entrance or segregate with paving to divide into sections of the property ie courtyard, entrance and driveway etc.

The borders can be edged with setts, pavers or cobbles and where edging is required an upstanding block or key kerb can be added to section or retain as required. As you can see the options are limitless.

Process Depending on Site

  • Excavate the existing driveway and remove spoil from site approx 8-10 inch or more
  • Install a substrate base course of Mot type 1 hardcore stone minimum 6 inches or more as required this will be compacted to the correct levels and falls .
  • All drainage requirements are installed for example eco drain channels and manhole paver trays. Borders and edging kerbs are installed( paving or setts) on a strong semi dry mix and allowed to set.
  • A binder course of heavy aggregate base course Tarmac approx 3 inches compressed to levels required.
  • A top layer of approx 30/50 mm top coat Sma 3-6 mm fine granite top Bitmac is laid and rolled to finish.

Points to consider when buying Tarmac

Tarmac Overlay
This is an option where the existing driveway, is in good condition but is looking tired and will need attention sooner as apposed to later and is a preventative measure rather than a cure or long term measure.

Overlay Process

  • Existing driveway will be cleared of grit , moss and debris.
  • A bitumen tacking coat is applied to the whole area to seal existing drive and bond new layer to existing .
  • 25-30 mm of Sma Granite top Bitmac 3-6mm fine ( this denotes the size of aggregate in the topping).
  • When the layer (25-30mm) is compressed it forms a hard new compound layer that will provide a sound surface for a number of years.

A block paving border can be installed around the perimeter to raise aesthetics this would bean additional cost.

Overlay Benefits.
A budget approach that if done correctly will provide a sound surface and raise the looks of the driveway and appeal of the property also sometimes increasing the desirability when selling or moving as this is one job less for the new owner.
Points to consider; Overlay is only feasible when the original surface has not deteriorated to a degree where it is breaking up and lifting and overlay can only be done properly once!

Start to Finish Tarmac Project

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