Resin bound is the most desirable decorative surfacing that the hard landscaping industry has to offer to date. It offers a uniform, smooth appearance and stunning look, it is durable and strong yet flexible to resist any cracking. It is becoming increasingly popular over all other traditional methods of surfacing.

It is imperative that only professionals lay resin systems.

It is created by mixing aggregates together with high quality UV stable polyurethane resin. The resin and the aggregates thoroughly combine in a resin forced action mixer. This allows the aggregates to fully coat in resin. The aggregates are then layed on to a suitable base. This leaves you with a durable yet flexible surface. It will have a seamless finish and no loose gravel. Scattering a coating of Anti-slip Pro on top of the resin will leave an anti-skid surface that will be permeable and look fantastic.

BBA approved polyurethane resin is a specially formulated polyurethane resin, for resin bound aggregate driveways, patios, pathways or for commercial projects. It can be mixed with some colours to achieve the look you require

• Polyurethane based system
• The latest polymer technology for stronger, resilient bonds
• Easy to use 2 part hybrid resin kit
• Industry leading
• A brand new generation of resin bringing an advanced hybrid system
• ISO 9001 environment – for the highest quality manufacturing standards and piece of mind
• Use between 5-30 degrees dependant on the conditions
• Isocyanate (part B) is much lighter in colour
• Odourless mixture
• SuDS compliant
• Approved for BBA installations
• Made in the UK



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