Gravel driveways are one of the most popular choices for driveways and hard landscaping in the UK. It’s easy to see why. They are low maintenance and look fantastic, particularly in country settings and in towns where it matches the predominant stone and brick colouring of the area. There’s an immense choice of size, colour and texture, so it’s a good choice for resurfacing.

There are specialist mixes available, some are not stone at all. Although, they are likely to work better in a garden context than for a gravel driveway. It is possible to buy ‘stones’ made from tumbled glass in all the usual colours that wine bottles come in. If not, you can get slate mulch, which will come in grey, blue, green and purple. There are also semi-natural coloured gravels, usually limestone chippings that have been coated in a dye and the colours are only limited by the dyes that are available. They are considerably more expensive than natural gravel, however.

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