Block paving is ideal for driveways, paths and patios alike, it’s hard-wearing, maintenance free and cost effective. If you’re looking for a low maintenance drive then block paving is definitely worth considering. Combining colours, shapes textures and patterns can bring personal character to your new driveway or patio. Using different colour combinations and artistic flair you will be able to complement any surrounding area, classic, modern or contemporary.

Standard Block Paving
These are some of the most widely used both domestic and commercially and are usually laid as a herringbone pattern. They are usually 200mm x 100mm x 50mm and come in a range of colours the most common being Brindle, if laid correctly and maintained properly they can keep their structural integrity for more than 15 years.
A thicker 60 or commercial 80 mm block are available these are usually special order and used where heavy traffic is likely, these are an additional cost. The 50mm blocks are usually more than capable of meeting most needs on a residential drive, delivering value for money and quality.

Tegular Block Paving
These are a cobble effect paving that add an extra appeal visually and are usually rumbled (the edges have been knocked off to create a more rustic effect) and usually come in two , three or a four size mix to create a cobble effect when laying to appeal and blend in to the property type, age or style. They now come in a chamfered edge or smooth finish, which appeal to more modern properties. All Tegulars raise aesthetic appeal of any property.
The usual size thickness is 50 mm or 60 mm up to 80mm for commercial use.
As a result they come at a premium to standard block paving but still represent good value for money.

Clay Block Paving
As above with standard block paving the clay blocks give a lifelong colour fastness that concrete cannot provide and also are resistant to frost so therefore hold their structural integrity for longer.
The clay pavers do come at a significant increase in cost and only come in a small range of colours and one size, so as a result do not represent the same flexibility for design.

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